An addiction has nothing to do with drugs and drugs have nothing to do with an addiction. Addiction is a psychological, social, biological state of mind and brain. It occurs very early in life as a result of a distortion of world views. Drugs just neatly fit in the slot that provide a person the pleasure they need.” – Dr. Ben Sessa

Addiction is a disorder that happens long before a person ever comes near a drug. In this episode we dive in deep with one of Britain’s leading Psychiatrists and Psychedelic Researchers, Dr. Ben Sessa. We explore the path pychopharmicology is taking now that it is breaking away from the stigma of the hippie movement. Psychedelics are not drugs. They provide incredible healing when administered properly.

Psychedelics strip one down to the bare essential of need, connectivity with other humans. No amount of material goods will supply that.” – Dr. Ben Sessa

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Dr. Ben Sessa MBBS (MD) MRCPsych-Psychiatrist, Researcher and Author is a medical doctor providing private psychiatric consultation through Mandala Therapy Limited. He is a published medical and fiction author. He carries out psychopharmacology research with psychedelic medicines. He is a leading researcher in MDMA Therapy for mental disorders. His work is published in the academic and medical press. Dr. Sessa is a co-founder and chair of the Breaking Convention Conference.

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