Cosmicsmith Retreats

Blow the lid off your potential with sacred plant medicine at a Cosmicsmith retreat.

Aloha intrepid explorer! You’re invited to the journey of your lifetime. Are you ready to venture through the cosmos with like minded spirits?

These special ceremonies are held in the San Francisco Bay area, hosted by Rhonda and led by a qualified Shaman, They are suitable for the trailblazer, healer or seeker who desires the ultimate exploration into life, Self and Great Mystery. 

The medicine path is one of great healing, authenticity and truth. It helps us to eliminate and move through all that is preventing us from living fearlessly.

This leads us to our remember truth and to live the highest expression of ourselves, pointing us to all that we are capable of being and accomplishing. When we share our gifts and passions with the world, we co-create a connective web of healing, transformation and expansion for all of humanity.  

This sacred journey is by invitation only.

Please use the contact form below to enquire and get more details. 

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You’re Invited on the Journey of a Lifetime!