I believe that it is a powerful time to be alive. We have reached a time on our planet where we are ready to step into a more conscious way of living, where each of us is ready to claim and live our individual and collective truths.

We have the opportunity to move past the obstacles that have kept us stuck in life and in love. It is time to live more consciously and align with nature in a way that feels divinely true!

However we have some work to do!

The journey is about more than just love and light. We must learn to embrace our shadows to achieve wholeness and embrace the life we are meant to live.

This is the path of the awakened being. It is for the seeker who desires to find the way. The ultimate exploration of Great Mystery. The conscious path that leads to an impeccable life, deeply conscious love and the connection that you crave. 

I didn’t know life could be this way…

If you know me now you may not believe that I was once struggled with an incredible addiction. I battled and overcame a severe drug habit, co-dependency and a series of unhealthy relationships, plus many other ‘smaller’ addictions. I suffered a lot with anxiety and sometimes still do…

… And none of this prevents me from choosing to live consciously, claim my purpose, contribute and help others, to love fully and to do the work I came here to do.

For a number of years I believed that if I told the truth about myself I wouldn’t be loved, until one day I realised the opposite was true. I realised it was my calling to authentically share my story, so that I might help others who are suffering in silence.

We are the Architects of my own lives and I believe we are here to design our lives based in truth and to face the ‘shadows’ within. The shadows are our greatest teachers. Their lessons help us find harmony.

Wholeness comes when we embrace both the dark and the light. This is part of the great mystery of being feeling, sentient beings.

Today I am connected to what is truly important.

I love my life. I live consciously and intentionally. I understand the beautiful mysteries of conscious love and intimacy.

This is an invitation to you to also begin living more consciously – To claim your healing, to know that you are not alone, to become the Architect in your own life and to be a part of something bigger…. will you choose Love?

A life full of peace, ease, flow and love awaits you… It is an honor to be on this journey with you and to be your guide.