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You’ve created some external success. Looking in from the outside everyone thinks your life is a “dream” and you project a carefully polished image, but there’s still something missing.

On the inside you’re silently struggling. Perhaps your personal relationships aren’t working, your marriage is crumbling despite your best efforts, you’re a serial dater or even a serial monogamist, but somehow relationships feel shallow and stilted.

Deep down you know that you are not fully present for your loved ones. Your mind is always half on work and your next goal…

Perhaps you’ve considered, or even tried an open relationship, but haven’t been able to make it work. Honestly the whole “love” thing is tiring and you feel like quitting (except quitting isn’t in your DNA) and you wonder if it would be easier to just be alone… Yet you still crave connection.

You want deep intimacy, mind blowing sex, real love, but somehow it just doesn’t happen. So you work harder and fill the hole with addictive tendencies (which can be anything from food, to over-work, alcohol, drugs or even exercise).

You’ve lost yourself. You don’t really know who you are. You long to step into your own authentic power, but feel so jaded with responsibilities. Often you feel stuck and just want to escape this life you’ve created.


Maybe you’ve been defining yourself by your ability to make money, and comparing yourself to your peers, on a never ending treadmill to do, be and have “more”, but when will it be enough?

You’re starting to hear whispers from your Soul, that something needs to change, and you’re finally ready to face that and embrace the change.

We each have to “land” inside of ourselves before our achievements will hold meaning and we’ll experience a true sense of fulfilment.

The secret is finding what we’re looking for within, but first you have to really know who you are! Because spirituality is more than just another bucket! It’s the work of our lives.

The people who come to coach with me are done with the trappings of the material world and with competition. They are finally ready to face the toughest journey yet, the journey back to themselves. They are ready to face the darkness within, and climb their own mountain, forging their own trail. It needs to be a hell yes to this work, otherwise you’re not ready yet!

The Investment

12 weeks (1 hour long session per week): $4000.00


12 weeks (1 hour long session per week) AND 1 x day long private intensive session, with optional kambo included: $6000.00

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