Are you constantly on the hunt for the right person? Using dating apps, or getting set up by friends, all in an attempt to find the perfect partner to share a life with. But not just any partner – one that totally just gets you, and makes you laugh, and wants to sleep in on a Sunday morning with you. But the process of finding them – it’s not working. It’s exhausting. It feels like a never ending cycle of bad dates and surface-level conversation – and worst of all, ghosting.

Here’s the thing: all the things we desire in a partnership, all of this that we are searching for – we need to first become for ourselves before we find a partner. A conscious relationship has the ability to offer the deepest of self-work, but it requires two people who are committed to their own expansion individually. You have to show up and figure yourself out.

We, especially women, have been taught from a young age to desire great love. I used to believe that this was all about finding someone who loved me in the same way I loved them. What I realized is that no one loves like I love, except for me. My entire life I was searching for the love that only I could give. This became a profound shift in my life. I realized that if I desired a great love outside of myself, I needed to travel inward first.

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