Connection and conversation with a “feeling” man that is on a mission is my jam. In this conscious conversation I connect with Justin Schenck, co-founder of “Growth Now Movement”. This movement is about sharing inspiring stories of growth and the ability to overcome. They share actionable tools for the listeners to help improve their lives. I believe that this mission is helping to breakdown the walls that keep us divided by sharing vulnerability and visibility from extraordinary people who have overcome incredible odds.

We dive deep into Justin’s own story where he intimately shares the story of losing his mother to addiction and how he chose to handle the news of his father coming to terms with his own truth. Justin made the decision at a young age that his path would be very different and to do this he knew he would need to be open and honest about his own emotions and be intentional about the direction of his life.

This conversation is rich with feeling and truth. The world needs more “feeling” warriors to open up and share their stories of vulnerability and truth. Within each of us is the ability to choose something different for ourselves. Justin’s story is proof. Pull up a seat and dive into this conscious conversation.