The Observer
So often in life we live life for the external experiences and we have little or no connection to the internal bliss that happens when we are embodied or in our bodies. Our bodies are often thought of as machines. We feed them, we exercise them but we are disconnected from them. We spend so much time “in our heads” thinking and obsessing about love, things in the past or situations that could happen in the future. We are constantly living for something that we don’t yet have or something that we haven’t yet become and we forget to live in the moment. We spend most of our existence trying to create outcomes and feed desires that may not be in alignment with our best self. 
So what is the answer? I think we first must understand the question. We live in a world that is fixated on the “bandaid approach” and wants to treat the symptom of everything. We will never find healing in our lives if we keep treating the symptom. There are millions of offers, products and approaches to give you what you want…or so they claim. 30 days to 30k, 27 days to find true love, Lose 50 lbs in 50 seconds by eating what you want and taking this pill that will give you cancer or kill you. Okay maybe the last one was extreme but you get the point. The solutions that are being offered are created to offer a bandaid approach.
The reality of the situation is that the only way to truly Architect what is meant for you is to become The Observer.
So what does that mean? It means that we must go to the source or the wound and bring healing to it. Yes, I want you to go into the very thing that you have spent your entire life running from. So how does one do that? You become The Observer.
When we are always leaning forward in life trying to create a result, we don’t leave room for the natural flow of things. In no way am I saying that you can sit on the couch and wait for life to happen but maybe, just maybe what you are pushing so hard for, isn’t meant for you.
When we lean back, emotionally and physically we are put into the position of, The Observer. We stop talking and taking action that most likely isn’t serving us and we begin to see life and situations for what they really are. We are able to gain perspective. We are able to witness our own behavior and begin to create change. When things start to change we are able to make  difference choices and quite often change the trajectory of our lives.
I know in my own life, when I was finally able to lean back with finding LOVE and stop PUSHING so hard to create what I thought was meant for me, the craziest thing happened…. I was able to see that I was not respecting myself with how I allowed others to treat me and that my own behavior was repelling what I was trying so hard to push for. This was a chance for me to truly learn from my own shadows. New consciousness came and I was able to grow and learn.
Consciousness is based “in” the observer. It is not based in the “look before you leap” approach. It also IS NOT in any type of training that teaches you how to create a result by using certain verbal or body language. When you are intentionally taking action to create a result to benefit yourself, this is manipulation. Stop living for the external. The definition of is insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and thinking you will get a different result. Take time to step back and become the observer. The ability to do this will change everything.
We all have the choice each and everyday to change the course of our life. Will you become The Observer or will you choose insanity? Only when we live in our truth can we Architect what is meant for us.
If you are ready to leave behind the old patterns that are keeping you from architecting what is meant for you, schedule a discovery call and together we will shift the patterns that are keeping you stuck. Only you have to power to make the choice to change your life. Your big life is waiting.


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