Closing the door of darkness often requires us to seek out the answers in far away lands.
Cosmicsmith Radip-Episode 26
The key to unlock ourselves from our own prisons are often found in places where the soul yearns to go. For me, the quest to understand and bring healing to my own life has been a quest to uncover, rediscover, remember and accept what I have always known. Often the answers are quite simple and when we truly know the truth, we are set free. We must face ourselves and our truths to find the healing that we desire. The only way out is through.
In this episode I share my personal experience of my journey to Peru to become a Kambo Practitioner and to continue seeking the answers to the questions in my life. Peru has been calling to me since I was very young. Deep within the jungle, the answers to my biggest question were an answered. The amazon jungle is the medicine cabinet of the world. The healing comes in many ways. People go to the jungle to die and be reborn.The answers often are waiting in the quiet and seclusion of ourselves.
This is my story of finding full acceptance of my self, my views and my truths which set me free.


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