Sometimes the path is covered with flowers and sometimes we must learn to ride the trees through the storm.

Cosmicsmith Radio Episode 12

The Path of A Healer with Jeff Murphy

In the episode of Cosmicsmith Radio we sit down for some quality conversation with a true healer and my friend, Jeff Murphy. He is a gifted energy healer and body worker.

His personal journey of profound grief led him to know profound bliss. He reminds us to stop holding the door closed that leads to light because incredible experience is waiting on the other side.

Jeff’s message is one of great kindness and compassion.

“Be kind to YOU!” -JM

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One thought on “[PODCAST] The Path of A Healer with Jeff Murphy”

  1. Thank you for this podcast Rhonda. Thank you for sharing Jeff’s wisdom.
    I love the quote: “empty the cup so that you can receive what life has to offer”.
    Most of us believe they need to have a busy life and fill it with stuff and in the end we notice that our lives are empty.

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